Councils & Committees

Advocate By Design (AxD) Council

The ASID Advocate by Design (AxD) Council advocates and educates members and the public about the effects of interior design on the health, safety, welfare and well-being of building occupants within the built environment.

Chair: Tracey Fillmore, ASID, CAPS, Green AP, RID

Vice Chair: Leslie Shankman-Cohn, ASID, CAPS, CGP, RID (Incoming Fellow)

Secretary: Angeline Hall, Allied ASID

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The AxD Council is comprised of three (3) committees and numerous subcommittees that cover subject matters relevant to ASID members and stakeholders, the interior design profession, and the built environment at large – all of which focus on how thoughtful design positively impacts the lives of occupants and the public.

Ethics & Professional Responsibility Committee

The Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee (EPRC) advocates for an understanding of the importance of the professional responsibilities of practicing interior designers and all ASID members on clients and the public. The EPRC also promotes adherence by practitioners to the Code of Ethics and conformance with the Standards of Practice.

Chair: Katherine Setser, ASID, IDEC (Recipient of the 2022 Luminary Award)

Outreach & Engagement Committee

The Outreach & Engagement Committee (OEC) is comprised of three subcommittees: Advocacy Support Team; Fundraising; and Newsletter. The OEC focuses on and engages in communication with members and the public to distribute information pertaining to the AxD Council’s mission and ASID’s legislative efforts and other advocacy goals.

Chair: Douglas Feldman, ASID, CAPS, Allied AIA, RID


Advocacy Support Team

Co-Chair: Emmy Williams, NCIDQ, ASID, IIDA, NC RID

Co-Chair: Janie Hirsch, ASID, RID


Chair: Douglas Feldman, ASID, CAPS, Allied AIA, RID


Chair: Susan Morgan, NCIDQ, ASID, LEED AP, CAPS, RID, Real Estate Sales Associate (Incoming Fellow)

Policy, Codes & Standards Committee

The Policy, Codes & Standards Committee (PCSC) is comprised of five subcommittees: Accessibility; Building, Fire, & Life Safety; Education, Qualification, and Professional Development; Industry Standards; and Sustainability & Wellness. The PCSC focuses on the recognition of interior designers as code specialists within the built environment and advocates for the importance of regulated spaces which enhance building occupant safety and comfort.

Chair: Tracey Fillmore, ASID, CAPS, Green AP, RID


Chair: Leslie Shankman-Cohn, ASID, CAPS, CGP, RID

Building, Fire & Life Safety

Co-Chair: Tracey Fillmore, ASID, CAPS, Green AP, RID

Co- Chair: Katherine Setser, ASID, IDEC

Education, Qualifications & Professional Development

Chair: Virginia Weida, ASID, CFM, LEED, WELL

Industry Standards

Chair: Molly de Lima-Campos, ASID, LEED AP

Sustainability & Wellness

Chair: Susan Kohuth, ASID, LEED AP

Chapter Support Team (CST)

A Chapter Support Team (CST) Advisor demonstrates a commitment to ASID, its mission and vision. CST are national leaders who possess the ability to develop and motivate peer leaders into carrying out the strategic objectives of the Society as determined by the ASID National Board.

CST Advisors are the first point of contact for chapter board leadership and should feel comfortable with bylaw, policy and guideline interpretation, dissemination, and act to facilitate a solutions for community leadership, working with HQ staff as needed.

Committee Members

Chair: Olivia “Livi” Snyder, ASID

Chair-elect Madeline Rajtar, ASID, NCIDQ

Arial Cox, Allied ASID
Benjamin Huntington, FASID, NY CID, NCIDQ
Gisele Taylor-Wells, ASID, NCIDQ, LEED AP
Corey Allen Davey, ASID, RID, NCIDQ
Kathleen Bohlken, Allied ASID
Victoria Reitz, ASID

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National Awards Committee (NAC)

The ASID National Awards Committee (NAC) will elevate the national awards program to amplify the profession and industry, showcasing the positive impact on people and the planet.

Committee Members

Tamie Glass, ASID
Primo Orpilla, ASID
Avinash Rajagopal
Elizabeth Von Lehe, Allied ASID

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Professional Development Committee (PDC)

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) advances ASID education by supporting the development of high-caliber learning resources and engagement experiences, benefiting all members of the interior design community as they advance through their careers.

Committee Members

Leah Bauer, ASID, IFMA, NCIDQ, Chair
David Euscher, ASID, NCIDQ, WELL AP
Eric Haydel, Allied ASID
Megan Hochman, ASID, NCIDQ

To get involved or learn more, please contact

IMPACT Network

The ASID IMPACT Network formed to identify knowledge gaps in the design community and set a plan for professionals at every stage to engage with thought leaders across multiple disciplines to solve the problems of our shared future. In March 2022, ASID published the five INSIGHTS Briefs, free of charge to the public and to the interior design community. Moving forward, the IMPACT Network will engage practitioners, academics, researchers, and scientists in allied fields to advance the work of human-centered design. The work of the committee will be carried out by dedicated volunteer thought leaders and supported by leaders in industries and organizations focused on the interior built environment.

Committee Members

Co-Chair: Kristie Nicoloff, ASID, IIDA, NCIDQ

Co-Chair: Dana Nunn, FASID, NCIDQ, WELL AP

Committee on Adaptive Living

The Committee on Adaptive Living (CoAL) is reimagining the design of senior living communities. By 2030, one in five Americans is projected to be 65 and over. In the recent pandemic, individuals in the present-day cohort of seniors have suffered from accelerated declines in health. They have experienced the burden of social isolation exacerbated by pandemic safety measures and the current offering of senior housing. How might we employ versatile living solutions that actively support the health and wellbeing of this growing group? CoAL envisions a future state developed around adaptability, wellness, and inclusion for residents, staff, families, and communities.

Committee Members

Co-Chair: Alison Faecher, NCIDQ, EDAC, LEED AP

Co-Chair: Ruju Jasani, NCIDQ, SEED

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

The interior design profession lacks representation of underserved demographics, impacting practice, education, and brand identity.

Committee Members

Co-Chair: Angelita Scott, Ph.D., Allied ASID

Co-Chair: Denise Rush, FASID, IDEC, IIDA

Committee on Climate Change, Health, and Equity

This committee, focused on the impact ASID and our members have on climate, health, and equity. We are committed to lessening our members impact on the planet by creating a program directed to the following goals: Chapter Advocacy to provide our chapters with effective rubrics allowing them to lessen and measure their impact on the environment, the collection and curation of a library of resources that support any member that strives to improve the way they practice design and finally, to create language around excellence in design such that any award or recognition that ASID supports includes language around improving our planet and eco systems.

Committee Members

Linda Sorento
Jane Abernethy
Jenn Chen
David Cordell
Ken Wilson
Alex Muller
Lisa Tucker