ASID Appellation


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The ASID Appellation is the ultimate designation of professionalism and ethical practice to clients, employers, and the design community. Your membership entitles you to use the appellation in your email signature, website, business cards, letterhead, and when being interviewed or receiving recognition. The ASID appellation represents your dedication and expertise to the highest standards of excellence in design.

Practitioner Member

CATEGORY Appellation Example
Professional ASID Jane Doe, ASID
Allied Allied ASID Jane Doe, Allied ASID
Associate Associate ASID Jane Doe, Associate ASID
Fellow FASID Jane Doe, FASID

Student or Educator Member

CATEGORY Appellation Example
Educator Partner Educator Partner ASID Jane Doe, Educator Partner ASID
Allied Educator Allied ASID Jane Doe, Allied ASID
Professional Educator ASID Jane Doe, ASID
Student Student ASID Jane Doe, Student ASID

Industry Partner Member

CATEGORY Appellation Example
Industry Partner Company Industry Partner ASID ABC Company, Industry Partner of ASID
Industry Partner Representative Industry Partner Representative of ABC Company Jane Doe, Industry Partner Representative of ABC Company

Appellation and Personal Logo Usage Guidelines

  • Students and Allied members are permitted to have the word “member” in their appellation (Ex. John Doe, Allied Member ASID).
  • List ASID first in cases of multiple appellations (Ex. John Doe, ASID, LEED AP).
  • The membership designations must be spelled out completely. (Note: "of the American Society of Interior Designers" may be substituted for "ASID"). No modification or deviation is permitted.
  • The appellation for professional members and the designations for other members may be used only in conjunction with the member's own name.
  • Members may not utilize any form of the name of the Society or the ASID appellation in conjunction with a firm name, even where the member's name is encompassed in the name of the firm.
  • Members may not use the official ASID logo in any manner. Improper logo usage is a violation of the Society’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
  • A member may in no way imply, through advertising or other means, that employees of his or her staff or firm are members of ASID unless that is in fact the case, and then they may be identified only by the appellations or designations consistent with their status in ASID.
  • Professional members in good standing may use the ASID Professional Member logo. Industry Partners may use the Industry Partner Logo.
  • If your ASID membership has lapsed, you are no longer able to use any ASID appellation or the ASID logo, among other benefits. ASID strictly enforces this regulation and performs audits.

All ASID members agree to abide by the Society’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.