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ASID research projects focus on the business, impact, and practice of design. They span design career stages, space types, and topic areas.



2023 State of Interior Design Report

2023 ASID State of Interior Design

The ASID 2023 State of Interior Design Report provides an overview of the current state of interior design broken into three segments focusing on People, Firms, and Services. The state of the interior design industry is robust, and the industry saw the creation of more than 1,000 new interior design firms and 4,500 jobs in 2022. Download the Report.

ASID 2023 Trends Outlook Report

ASID 2023 Trends Outlook Report

The American Society of Interior Designers’ (ASID) 2023 Trends Outlook report presents the latest changes in our world that are impacting interior design—including shifts in population, economy, society, lifestyles, methods of work, new technologies, and the natural environment. Download the report.

2022 ASID Economic Outlook Report

2022 ASID Economic Outlook Report

The ASID 2022 Economic Outlook, part two of the three-part series on the Outlook and State of Interior Design, provides an overview of the current state of the economy and including its impact on the interior design industry, profession, and practice. The report connects broad ideas directly to the profession, including the role interior designers will play in making the office a desirable destination for employers, employees, and their clients, determining much of the direction of future office construction spending. Download the Report.

ASID 2019 Interior Design Salaries & Benefits General Report

The world is a competitive marketplace. As a profession that provides specialized services and requires a variety of both hard and soft skills, professionals in the interior design field must craft their competitive edge with unique characteristics and skill sets that will lead to success in the profession. Employers must understand and identify these characteristics to attract, retain, and grow talent.
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